Ana Sayfa English Best Buy says DJI Mini 2 release date November 4: Customer

Best Buy says DJI Mini 2 release date November 4: Customer


We are getting very close, it would seem, to the release of DJI’s replacement for the Mavic Mini: The Mini 2. Based on the fact that Best Buy has put the item on the floor in more than one location — along with hints from DJI staff — we’re betting next week. Specifically, based on an email we received today, November 4. There’s lots to support that.

If there was a movie franchise about the DJI Mini 2 leaks, we’d be tempted to call it The Fast and the Furious. Because now, as the launch gets closer day by day, that’s how they’re coming. This all started in earnest, of course, with a YouTube creator named Our Beatific World. He happened to stroll into a US Best Buy store and saw the Mini 2 right there in the display case. He then purchased said Mini 2 and proceeded to create an unboxing video. That was followed by a second video, with more information about the specs. The latest? A release date, along with DJI product images.

It’s getting close!

Release date: November 4

That’s the big news today.

We already had a story, this one right here, where an online DJI staffer told a customer the release would come early in November. But then we got a tip: A customer had gone into another Best Buy location. And what did he see behind the glass shelving? Why this, of course:

Wait, there’s more!

When DJI releases a product, it also releases very slick images of the product. Some show the product just laid out in nice lighting as a series of static shots. Others focus on people using the product, a category known as “lifestyle” shots. These images are released to the media and retailers, usually just before a product is released.

Now, images of the product are surfacing. They are very low resolution – probably thumbnails that someone found on a site – but they’re here. Have a look, in all their low-res tantalizing glory:

Their images were brought to our attention initially by regular DJI leaker and Twitter person @OsitaLV. But it wasn’t long before we found the same images on this European website, which lists the Mini 2, but is not yet selling it and does not have a price posted:

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