Ana Sayfa English Everything about DJI’s powerful new Ronin gimbals

Everything about DJI’s powerful new Ronin gimbals


You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve seen the leaked images. And now? The wait is over. We’ve got everything you ever wanted to know about the new Ronins – right here, and right now.

There’s no denying DJI’s Ronin line has found a loyal following since its inception. In fact, the products caused quite a stir when they first came on the market. Professionals and prosumers became fast converts, praising Ronin products for their form, function, and strength. And the original? Well, that goes back to mid-2014. Announced in June of that year, the original Ronin shipped in July – and some people are still happily using this model. Ever since then, the line has progressed with new features and ergonomic improvements. In a nutshell, Ronin stabilizing systems have evolved to become stronger, lighter, and smarter. The two new Ronin models continue that trend.

Let’s have a look.

Two models

As you may already be aware, DJI is releasing two new models this time around. They are officially the DJI RS 2 and the DJI RSC 2. The latter is slightly more compact and intended for mirrorless cameras and rigs weighing up to three kilograms (6.6 lbs), while the DJI RS 2 can handle 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds). Pricing is $499 for the base DJI RS C2 and $849 for the DJI RS 2. There are professional “combo” kits available, which we’ll detail later on.

For now, let’s break it down.


This model looks amazing. By utilizing carbon fiber on the RS 2, DJI has managed to get the weight down to a mere 1.3 kilograms, or 2.86 pounds. Yet it’s capable of carrying a fairly hefty camera and doing its thing for 14 hours on a single charge. That’s pretty amazing. Check out this video, released as the product became public at 11:00 pm EDT, October 14:

The RS 2 also has a quick-charge function, for when you really need to get back filming. A simple 15-minute charge will give you two hours of battery life. Very slick.

Here’s what DJI’s news release announcing the product has to say:

Simple to set up, easy to operate, and highly customizable, DJI RS 2 was created to allow filmmakers to adapt their system to their filming needs while feeling confident it will easily integrate into their workflow. Axis locks enable easier transportation and balancing, while a dual-layer camera mounting plate is compatible with both the Arca-Swiss and Manfrotto standard. A fine-tune balancing knob allows for even more precise balancing of the camera payload. The built-in 1.4” color touchscreen can display camera data, gimbal settings, or a live feed from the camera. Supporting 11 different languages, the ultra-bright screen can also initiate key functions such as ActiveTrack and intelligent shooting modes. The built-in front dial above the trigger allows for precise focus control and complements a DJI Focus Wheel mounted on the RSA port to create two-channel focus and zoom.[] DJI RS 2 also turns into a versatile tool that can be attached and used with other systems such as jibs, car attachments, and sliders. Two RSA ports double as NATO ports so that users can mount accessories and attachments such as grips and a remote controller.

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