Ana Sayfa English GoPro officially teases the Hero 9 Black release date,here is that video!

GoPro officially teases the Hero 9 Black release date,here is that video!


GoPro has just teased the release of its upcoming GoPro Hero 9 Black action camera via a post to its social media accounts, sharing the date it will launch. We now know the GoPro Hero 9 Black will launch on September 16th with a 5k 20 MP capable sensor and new front display.

Along with the short video GoPro shared, it also shared the hashtag “#MorreEverything,” which is likely pointing towards the addition of the front display along with the 5k 30 fps video and 20 MP photos the Hero 9 Black will be able to take.

Looking back at the video, for a few seconds, we can see the GoPro Hero 9 branding on the side of the camera along with the front display. It features the colorful streaks we saw in earlier leaks. The video then goes close-up to what looks to be an image sensor, suggesting the sensor will be larger. We already knew the megapixel count was getting a bump, so this makes sense.

What we already know

The new GoPro will feature a sensor capable of taking 20 MP stills and video at 5k 30 fps. It will also be able to shoot in slow-motion at up to 240 fps or 8x. The Hero 9 will feature voice control and will be waterproof to 33 feet. GoPro Hero 9 will feature the improved HyperSmooth 3.0, which will allow for even smoother footage than previous GoPros. Once again, the GoPro Hero 9 will take RAW and HDR photos.

Of course, the Hero 9 Black will feature the rear touch screen and the brand new front display for easy framing and vlog-style recording. The GoPro will come with the new TimeWarp 3.0 — an improvement over 2.0 — and with webcam mode right out of the box. You will also be able to live stream from the camera at 1080p.

The GoPro Hero 9 Black will feature a 1720mAh battery, which is almost 41% larger than the current battery found in the GoPro Hero 8 Black at 1220mAh. Hopefully, this means a slight increase in battery life but is likely for the 20 MP capable sensor. An additional charger can be bought to charge the batteries and is rumored to have some sort of quick charge capability.

GoPro Hero 9 Black specs and features

There have been a couple of significant Hero 9 Black leaks so far – one that suggests it could have a front-facing screen for vlogging (like the DJI Osmo Action), and another that reveals some possible packaging that hints at many of its key specs.

On 1 September, German publication Winfuture revealed what it claims to be the first official product images of the Hero 9 Black, with a few of them showing a new color display on the front.

This backs up the first Hero 9 Black leak we saw on Reddit back in July (below). While that rumor arrived from a source with no previous track record, its depiction of a GoPro with a new front-facing display does match those potentially leaked press images.

What those press images appear to confirm is that the new front screen will be a color panel, rather than simply a larger version of GoPro’s traditional monochrome display. It’ll also apparently measure 1.4in, with the rear screen stretching to 2.27in.

This means the front display could be used for video previews in a similar way to the DJI Osmo Action, which is potentially good news for anyone looking for a waterproof vlogging camera. But we’ll likely have to wait for the full reveal to find out for sure.

The bigger GoPro Hero 9 Black leak is probably the recent arrival of what looks like the action camera’s new packaging. Again courtesy of Winfuture , the image (below) reveals what could possibly be the flagship’s new specs.

According to the image, the Hero 9 Black will bring a new 20MP sensor (a big jump from the traditional 12MP sensor) and a much larger battery. This was also backed up by the more recent tweet above WinFuture, which claims the sensor will more specifically be 23.6MP. 

The resolution boost has apparently been included to help support 5K/30p video shooting, although it’s not yet clear if the sensor itself is the same size as the one seen in previous models like the Hero 8 Black.

Still, that new battery will apparently be much larger than the one seen in existing GoPros – with a 1,720mAh capacity, it’d be around 40% bigger than the one in its predecessor. 

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean an equivalent boost in battery life – if the Hero 9 Black does indeed have a new front-facing screen, that will need demand some extra juice. And it’d also likely mean that existing batteries wouldn’t be compatible. But a boost to the Hero 8 Black’s 70-minute stamina (when shooting 4K) would certainly be welcome.

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