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Hidden Paradise in Turkey


Bademli Village is a wonderful place located between İzmir and Ayvalık, neighboring with Lesbos, with a sea as turquoise as Maldives but even cleaner than there. In short, those who say, “We cannot go to the Maldives in this 3-day world, it is very expensive, my brother,” Bademli Village of Dikili district of Izmir has opened its arms.

Although this place has started to become popular recently, it is not yet an Alaçatı, Çeşme or Bodrum. It has a much quieter structure than there and wonderful undiscovered bays. This sweet village, only 20 minutes from Dikili, is surrounded by olive trees. On your way to the sea, you travel through the olive groves. As such, you feel restless before throwing yourself into the cooler waters from the hotter sands.

Of course not only with olive groves. You should also swim in the most beautiful bays of Bademli.

Places to Go to the Sea in Bademli

There are not many places to visit in Bademli Village. Therefore, this part of the Bademli travel guide is “places to swim” instead of “places to visit”. Before moving on to the beach suggestions, we remind you that this is not the Mediterranean and we recommend you to come to Bademli without missing July-August to avoid getting cold in the sea.
The most popular beaches among Bademli beaches are; Fame Beach, Pissa Beach, Kayra Beach, Killik Bay, Zindancık Bay and Hayıtlı Bay. Apart from all these, it is among the options that tempt you to stop and jump into the sea with a sudden decision while driving by the sea.

On your way to Bademli, stop by the modest pier area and arrange a daily boat tour. If you say to the captain of the boat “Pen Island Routes”, the area known as Turkey Maldives you have correctly come to a nice ride. Let us warn you from the beginning, the color of the sea can blow your mind.

By the way, all beaches in Bademli Village can be reached by private car, there is no public transportation. That’s why we recommend you to come here with your vehicle if possible.

Pissa Beach

When you look at the beach from afar, it is eye-catching with its turquoise blue color, white sand and glassy water. As such, it became one of the most popular beaches in the village of Bademli. There is no entrance fee when entering the beach of Pissa with Bademli. If you only rent sunbeds / umbrellas, you will be charged 20 TL per sunbed. When there is no business on the beach, there is no such loud music or anything. There are dressing cabins and a small buffet in the upper part behind the beach. Here you can meet the need for eating and drinking.

The roads to Pissa beach are a little rough, part of the road is dirt. There is a risk of hitting the gold with the low vehicle. When you come to the beach by car, there is a private car park on the left and they ask for a parking fee of 20 TL. On the right, there is a municipality parking lot. They want 15 TL. There is also an independent land just above the municipal parking lot. If you park the vehicle here, you do not have to pay anything.

Ilıca Koyu

Bademli Ilıca Bay is a bay where boat tours last for a swimming break. The boat ties a rope towards the shore. They tell you to go along this line to reach the shore because there are plenty of sea urchins on the shore. After reaching the shore carefully by following the rope, there is the hot spring water flowing into a small stone chamber. The water temperature is around 50 degrees, very, very hot.

Küçük Zindancık Koyu

This is a small bay that does not have a beach area and no facilities. You can go to the sea by going down the roads between the houses on the beach. Or if you go on a boat tour, there is definitely a swimming break in Küçük Zindancık Bay. This bay is called a dungeon because it is dark because it never receives the moonlight at night. But the sea is wonderful, turquoise water dominates here as well. Do not swim without your goggles.

Lady’s Cove

If you go by boat tour, the second stop will be Hanımın Bay. The bottom of the sea is sand, turquoise and very clean. But the most important feature of this place is the natural clays from the stones on the beach. You will see the people who dig the natural clays on the rocks on the shore and ride them all over their bodies. You wish to enjoy the sea or take a clay bath. You will enjoy Hanımın bay very much.

Aquarium Bay

Kalem island stands out with its sea, just like tropical islands. There is only one business in Kalem Island, Oliviera Resort. However, accommodation prices always seem very high. For this reason, it is most logical to stay in Bademli village and come here for a swim with boat tours instead of staying on the island of Kalem.

Garip Island, on the other hand, is a completely untouched island located right across Kalem Island. There are no hotels, businesses or settlements on the island. There are only those who come to swim with private boat tours.

Denizkoy Beach

Denizköy, which is 11 km away from the village of Bademli, is a small holiday resort. It is a place with more settlements, cafes, restaurants and pensions compared to Bademli village. Although it is not as turquoise as the Almond side in terms of sea, its water is very clean.

Killik Beach

It has a different feature than many beaches preferred for swimming around Bademli Village.

Killik Bay, as it is known from its name, has managed to attract the attention of tourists in the region due to the natural clay that comes out around it. People who flock to the region add color to their holidays by applying clay on their bodies and doing their natural care while enjoying the sun and the sea.

Public transportation from Bademli Village cannot be reached to the region. However, you can reach Killik Bay in a short time with your private car or taxi.

You can also choose Ikizler Beach, a private business located in Killik Bay, with an average entrance fee of 20 TL. Offering services such as sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets and shower cabins, İkizler Beach also provides an area that offers you camping opportunity.

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