Ana Sayfa English Solar explosion: digital life may stop in the next few days

Solar explosion: digital life may stop in the next few days


Scientists have announced that a Mars-sized spot on the Sun rotates towards Earth. Experts warned that the stain called AR2770 is getting bigger and bigger and could affect radio communications, GPS and electromagnetic systems on Earth in the next few days.

Scientists have stated that a large dark spot observed in the Sun is turning towards Earth and its size may increase in the next few days. The spot, named AR2770, has been noted to have a ‘primary dark core’ the width of Mars.

The sunspot is part of Solar Cycle 25, a new 11-year period of electromagnetic activity, and small explosions are now happening on it. Although the AR2770 has not yet produced massive explosions, experts are closely watching the event that could disable electromagnetic operations and facilities on Earth.

The new sunspot was detected by amateur astronomer Martin Wise, who was observing in the US state of Florida. It was observed by the amateur astronomer Martin Wise, who received images from Trenton. Then scientists took action.

According to reports by Space Weather, the AR2770 sends small ionization waves into the Earth’s atmosphere. However, the area of ​​the spot is getting bigger and it is likely to produce more intense solar flares in the coming days.

According to NASA, solar flares come when a sudden energy discharge occurs due to the entanglement, shearing or rearrangement of magnetic field lines near sunspots. Then, when these high-energy particles from the Sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere, light events called auroras occur on the magnetic pole points.

In the meantime, malfunctions in radio transmission, damage to the electronic circuits of satellites, disturbances in electrical transmission lines and sometimes losses in city electricity can be seen.

On the other hand, these explosions pose a great risk for satellites and astronauts in orbit. The intensity of the cosmic waves is measured with special air balloons. When waves touch the Earth’s atmosphere, the size of the fractions can also be measured thanks to these balloons.


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