Ana Sayfa English Tesla updated the Model 3 with enhanced range and much more

Tesla updated the Model 3 with enhanced range and much more


The first mass-market vehicle of Tesla, the Model 3, has recently got a considerable refresh for the next year. The latest and improved model comes with redesigned interior elements, updated wheels, and many other recognizable upgrades.

This information comes courtesy of Electrek, whose writers found the updates Model 3 for themselves and talked to sources familiar with Tesla’s inner workings.

According to the outlet, and from what we could get through Tesla’s Model 3 configuration tool, this refresh provides a new center console with a matte finish and a slide-open compartment. Moreover, as per reports, “new upholstery,” an electric trunk with double-paned windows, a heated steering wheel, with a metallic finish, and many other functional and aesthetic changes.

Above all, there is a range of enhancements that customers will enjoy from now on. The basic “Standard Range Plus” Model 3 comes with an upgraded range of 263 miles per full charge, which means almost 13 miles more than the old version.

The performance Model 3 has seen some improvements, now topping out at 315 miles per full charge, up from 299 miles.

Electrek’s sources reported the range increases are due to efficiency improvements made on by the “new heat pump system,” which is applied into refreshed Model 3s. Luckily, despite all these enhancements, the price of the vehicle remained unaffected.

Though its performance model starts at about $55,000, the basic Standard Range Plus car will still come for about $38,000 before incentives and savings. The price of Long-Range Model 3s is also the same at $47,000.

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