Ana Sayfa English The Story of a Street Cat… UGLY!

The Story of a Street Cat… UGLY!



His name is unfortunately Ugly… he’s a cat. What can a cat change in a person’s life? What about a person in a cat’s life? Here you go, the true story of a person who knows the street cat Ugly:

Everyone in the apartment I lived in knew who the Ugly was. He was a male cat living in an apartment.

Ugly cared about three things: annoying, eating out of trash, and love. In addition to living on the street, these three factors had an impact on the life of the Ugly.

If we start to tell, Ugly had only one eye. There was only a gap where the other eye should have been.

His only eye was not his eye, his ear on the same side was somehow broken. As if it were not enough, his left foot was also severely broken, and his bone boiled incorrectly at an unnatural angle. He had lost his tail a long time ago, instead of a long tail, a small piece remained. It would look like a perfectly normal gray tabby cat without the ugly, inflammations covering his head and neck, and scabs on his shoulders.

Whoever saw Ugly had the same reaction; “What an ugly cat this is!” Mothers were encouraging their children not to touch that cat
The adults threw stones at Ugly, tried to wash them with hose, and when Ugly tried to enter their home, they fired him roughly. If he did not go, they were closing the door on top of him, with his paws trapped in the door.

Ugly’s reaction was the same for everyone. When they turned the hose to him, the water would just stand there quietly and get wet…

When they threw stones, they would fold and lie as if they were waiting for forgiveness. When the child saw, he would run to them with meow and beg them to love, bringing his head close to his hands. If he took it on his lap, he would immediately lick the person who took it.

One day, she wanted to share her ugly love with her neighbors’ Husky dogs.

But the dogs were not kind to this show of love, and the Ugly was badly battered. I heard the cat cry from my apartment and ran to help. When I got to the place where he slept, it was obvious that Ugly’s life had come to an end.

The ugly lay in the water. His hind legs and hips were in a very bad shape, the white feathers in front of him shattered, forming a space there…

As I tried to take her into my lap and take her home, I heard her growling and breathless and felt that she was fighting for life. “I must have been hurt a lot,” I thought.

Soon after, I came across a sensation of licking in my ear, which I was not very stranger to. The ugly was in pain, it hurt, and he was still trying to lick my ear

I kept her close to myself and put her head in my palm, her yellow eye turned to me. At that moment, I heard the clear voice of his mutter. Even when he suffered the most, this ugly cat, whose body was full of wounds, was all that someone wanted him to love. Maybe it was a kind of seeking compassion.

At that moment, I felt that Ugly was the most beautiful and loving creature I have ever seen …

He did not try to bite or scratch my hand once, while he was on my lap, did not run away from me or harm me. All Ugly did was look at me with confidence and believe that I would relieve her pain.

Ugly, he died before I could get home … Then I sat down and hugged him for a long time…

I thought a formless stray cat full of wounds changed all my ideas about having a pure soul and loving someone completely and really. Ugly taught me to share and compassion much better than thousands of books, lectures, and television shows, so I feel grateful to him. His appearance may have been imperfect, but my personality was imperfect. And now I had to continue my life and learn to really and completely love it. I had to do everything I could for the people I care about.

Many people may want to be richer, more successful, more beautiful or even more loved.

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