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15 Food Your Cat Should Never Eat


Cats like some food very much, but the list of foods that harm cats is pretty fluffy. For example, you do not see the exaggerated eagerness of the cat for a tuna fish. On the other hand, tuna is harmful for cats. And even a drop of some drinks can put your cat in a coma.

Fortunately, information saves lives here again. We have prepared a list of foods that harm cats. You can save the lives of countless cats by sharing the list on their social media accounts.

1-  Tuna Fish

1- Tuna Fish It’s a food that your cat can never be indifferent to, though not vitally on the top of the list. Do not feed your cat with tuna. Canned tuna prepared for humans does not have many nutrients necessary for your cat’s nutrition. Also, eating too much tuna can cause mercury poisoning in the cat. The cat should not eat tuna.

2- Onion-Garlic

Do not feed your cat with onions, whether it is powdered, raw, cooked or dried. Onion can break down the cat's blood cells and lead to anemia. Although very small onions may not cause serious health problems for cats, eating too much onions causes the cat to poison onions. In addition, onions and garlic cause stomach and intestinal diseases in the cat. Onion and garlic are among the vegetables harmful to cats.

3- Milk and Dairy Products

Perhaps it is a topic that many people know, but it is worth emphasizing again. The vast majority of cats cannot digest lactose. Therefore, giving milk and dairy products to the cat is harmful. If you give the cat milk and dairy products, your cat may have diarrhea. Only cat breast milk is useful. Milk powder can be used for cats, with veterinary advice for kittens.

4- Alcohol

Foods containing beer, liqueur, wine and alcohol will spoil the cat's health in a life-threatening manner. Alcohol creates the same effects in cats as in humans, but the duration of the damage it causes is immediately apparent in cats. Only 2 teaspoons of whiskey put the cat in a coma and more whiskey can kill the cat. The higher the degree of alcohol, the greater the risk to life for the cat.

5- Grapes and Raisin

Although this may seem like a feast, do not feed grapes to the cat. Although the cause is not so clear, a cat who eats grapes and raisins may have kidney failure. Giving a little is also not a good idea, because eating too little can also invite the disease. If the cat eats grapes, it may vomit constantly or hyperactivity may occur. Keep grapes and raisins out of the reach of cats, even if they do not have a negative effect on every cat.

6- Caffeine

Caffeine is a substance that can lead to fatal consequences for cats, and caffeine poisoning has no antidote for cats. The cat experiencing caffeine poisoning becomes restless, breathing rapidly, the heart is palpable and the muscles tremble. Therefore, the cat should not be given coffee, cocoa and chocolate. Tea, another caffeine-containing food, is harmful to the cat. In addition, some cold medications and painkillers will also contain caffeine, so you should be careful. The cat should not drink coffee.

7- Chocolate

Do not feed chocolate to the cat. Chocolate can have fatal consequences for cats. All kinds of chocolate contain a poisonous substance called theobromine. The most dangerous types of chocolate for cats are dark and sugar-free chocolate. If cats eat chocolate, cats' heart rhythm may be impaired, trembling, seizures and dying. The cat should not eat chocolate. So we answered the question of whether cats eat dessert.

8- Piece bone and bone fat

Foods such as bone and fat, which often appear as leftovers, can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and intestinal ailments in cats. In addition, a cat eating a piece of bone may have a choking problem.

9- Raw Egg

Do not feed raw eggs to the cat. Raw eggs cause 2 problems for cats. Bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli in the raw egg can lead to food poisoning in cats. The second problem is avidin, which is found in raw egg whites, can block the absorption of Vitamin B biotin. This can lead to the problem of fur and skin problems in the cat. Well, can the cat eat boiled eggs? The answer is yes, you can feed.

10- Raw beef and fish

Do not feed raw beef and raw fish to the cat. Just like eggs, raw beef and fish can contain bacteria that will poison the cat. In addition, an enzyme found in raw fish damages thiamine, a vitamin B essential for the cat. Lack of thiamine in cats can lead to serious neurological problems and this may result in coma.

11- Dog food

It is not harmful if the cat eats a piece of dog food. However, dog food is not a substitute for cat food. Dog food and cat food have similar ingredients, but cat food contains more protein as well as vitamins and fatty acids. The cat, who regularly eats dog food, is severely malnourished.

12- Sugar and chwing gum

You should not give your cat anything sweetened with xylitol. Xylitol is often found in toothpaste, sugar, gum, and bakery products. Xylitol leads to an increase in insulin circulating in the body and leads to a decrease in cat's blood sugar and liver failure. Note whether your cat exposed to xylitol suffers from vomiting, drowsiness and attention loss. It takes only a few days for liver failure to settle in the body.

13- Medicines for humans

Human remedies cause poisoning in cats. Keep it out of the reach of children in the package insert of the drug, this also applies to cats. Keep your medicines out of the reach of cats. Do not give any medicine to the cat that the veterinarian does not recommend. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen found in painkillers and cold medicines can be fatal for cats.

Apart from that,foods harmgul to cats are as follows:

Baby food
Citrus oil
Energy drinks
Macadamia oil
Peanut butter
Human vitamin supplements containing iron
Moldy food
Paradise Palm
Avocado (Persin ingredient is harmful to the cat.)

Not recommended foodstuffs:

Mushrooms (Do not feed)
Bread (Do not overdo it)
Potato (Do not overdo it)
Hazelnut (Do not feed, may run into your throat)
Apple (Do not overdo it


Cats are carnivores and need meat. So get advice from your vet about the cat food you give your cat. So, what do cats eat? After considering the list of foods harmful to cats, occasionally cooked boneless red meat or brown rice can be a nice menu for your cat. However, it is not recommended to give it frequently.

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